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Tamion sets the standard in point of sale (POS) and retail management systems for Brazilian stores, especially grocery.

Tem Todos por sua Loja. Through many years of experience in the Ethnic store industry, Tamion has incorporated all of the key features important to successful Brazilian store operation, including:

  • size-and-color matrix,
  • detailed category management,
  • multi-branch management in real time,
  • inventory control,
  • maximized inventory turns,
  • bar-code scanning and labeling,
  • suggested orders,
  • just-in-time inventory control,
  • seasonal sales analysis and forecasting,
  • ordering from head office for all your locations,
  • shrinkage analysis, and
  • integrated AR/AP/GL accounting available.

Multi-Store Functionality

Tamion handles multi-branch retail operations with ease. Tamion was built from the ground up to serve retail chains.

For more on our multi-branch functionality, please click here.

Cost Effective

The Tamion retail management system offers a software system powerful enough for multinational chains, for a fraction of the cost. We provide a centralized server system for speed, reliability and elimination of redundant work.

About Tamion

Through many years of experience in the Ethnic store industry, Tamion has incorporated all of the key features important to successful retail store operation.

We at Tamion are proud of having great features and capabilities, but also realize that simplicity and speed of operation are critical to retail owners and their staff. Recognizing this, the focus of Tamion POS systems development has been to automate and simplify every retail and accounting complexity facing today's Brazilian store.

Implementing a new POS system need not be difficult when using the right tools. The Tamion system provides a host of features to make getting started far easier and much faster. Stores using the Tamion system achieve and maintain positive inventory control in a shorter time, with less effort. Ongoing, the Tamion system requires minimal attention compared to conventional systems and schedules recurring tasks, such as daily and monthly reports and system backup.

The Tamion reporting capability is extensive. Proven reports help in accounting, ordering, merchandising, margin protection, shrinkage, staff performance, forecasting, and much more. Take the guess work out of management decisions.

The total integrated functionality of the AccuTouch POS System, when used with the Tamion accounting modules, completely eliminates redundant work. Efficiency and management information from the Tamion system provides both better customer service and an improved bottom line.

The capabilities of the Tamion system are too numerous to address here. For more complete information or to answer any questions, please contact us.

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